'Super Mike'

Some of you may know me as the celebrated Twinkies Bob in "101 Facts From the Book of Twinkie Knowledge," the 1995 blockbuster motion picture that world premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, USA.


Yeah. Really.

I am not kidding. That trip happened. "Star-studded" is the phrase I use. I saw Nancy Sinatra's cleavage and Buddy Hackett's favorite deli and Jonathan Winter's hangout for hotdogs. I even drove by the restaurant where Bob Hope bought pies on his way home, I wanna tell ya.

Years later, I would use the urinal inside. Bob Hope's urinal.


Yeah. Really.

And now, back to our movie...

During its only public showing, our opus was seen by up to 40 people in, what, a 2000-seat auditorium?

Yes, unlike Twinkies, it didn't have filling.

But what an event! I walked the famous red carpet and I got to see my name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (I dropped my Discover card.)

In the interim, I've been approached several times each year for films, mostly by dental hygienists cleaning my teeth and shooting the x-rays.

I ask for a Winnebago and an assistant, but no.

Recently, I consented, it seems, to allow a documentary crew to follow me around in my everyday life, when I was not busy not making money at the word processor.

The filmmakers have completed the new epic, "Super Mike," their title, not mine. I'm more modest.

Besides, I spent most of my time *on set* insisting I wasn't hoarding socks in my street pants, which you can see here on the movie poster.

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