Behold: The Banana Man!

I can't begin to tell you how much influence The Banana Man has had on me, so I won't.

Can't see The Banana Man? Try reloading this page or visit YouTube.

I've been a devoted fan of The Banana Man and puzzled by him for as long as I can remember. He had only one routine and toured the world with it over five decades, winding up as a semi-regular on "Captain Kangaroo." The color clip may be The Banana Man's farewell performance because his ancient props were worn out and essentially impossible to replace.

This black-and-white film is excerpted from a 1939 Red Skelton short subject, wherein TBM works an earlier version of the intricate routine.

Can't see the video? Try reloading this page or visit YouTube.

The Banana Man was two or more performers through the years, creator A. Robins and his successor, Sam Levine, for certain.

I've written about The Banana Man on my About.com pages, where, if you follow the links, other videos and some fascinating documentation of his story and the magical act are shared.

Mark Evanier has provided anecdotal remarks pertaining to the color tape.

I eat a banana every day. I'd be proud if it were so, but I doubt my ritual has anything to do with The Banana Man. Supermarkets produce the fruit, not my trousers.

Don't think less of me.
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