A Coupla Black-and-White Cats Sitting Around Talking

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatOur Morty is celebrating his seventh birthday this month. We wanted to give him a little party, so we served up his most cherished cat food. He's on the sauce -- Morty loves gravy, even more than his taste for the cinema.

At seven years of age, a cat becomes an adult. We asked Morty what gift we could present him to mark his Bar Kitzvah.

He chose to see an "adult" movie, his first. He yearned for something challenging, not the usual mindless American action flicks with tabbies hopping off countertops or chasing a string. Morty's also tired of CGI.

That's my boy.

He mentioned one picture called "The Two Talking Cats." We weren't familiar, but he said Stina and Mossy were the greatest comedy team since Allen and Rossi.

Since then, there's been a cover-up.

Being that I always run the projector, I arranged a screening.

Can't see the video? Try here.

Morty adored "The Two Talking Cats." He's been quoting it for days in-between gravy.

Donna and I liked the movie, too, but we had trouble with the accents.

We located a translated version with the help of our local mouse.

I usually scoff at dubbed soundtracks, but no subtitled prints were available. At least, it's in Human....

Can't see the video? Try here.

Happy birthday, Mort. Welcome to us adults.

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