100 Things About Me #125

Continued From: "100 Things About Me #124," part of the "Back to School" sequence

Fernbank Elementary School sign
Touch of Evil
In 1962, while attending school at Fernbank, I survived the Cuban Missle Crisis. We could have been goners.

Even though the doomsday threat was frightening, I was also busy thwarting a deadlier killer which continues to plague our young people -- and, of course, that would include me.

Beware, lads. Be ever vigilant. Cooties can strike without warning.

--That's all. I'm done. Sorry, boys, I'm having a Cootie fit flashback. I'm going to check out of here early today and endure a full body shower with Pumice soap and a stern brass bristles brush.

I'll calm down eventually, probably during the delousing and the hot wax.

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