100 Things About Me #134

Wheels of Fortune
A belated "Happy Birthday" to my car ("100 Things About Me #105"), which turned 15 years of age on Christmas Eve. That's the day in 1992 when I drove it off the showroom floor.

I celebrated the trusty auto's milestone with a round of drinks -- SAE 5W-30 motor oil. Some periodic lubrication and a handful of quarters for a wash is about all I spent on my ride during the entire year.

Good car! Such a good car! Yes, she is! A good car!

I have a long history of upgrading my vehicles at Christmastime. Here's a picture of me abandoning my baby stroller ("100 Things About Me #104") for a factory-installed tricycle! It's a 1955! Manual transmission! Fully loaded! Santa endorsed! With that new trike smell!

My big brothers, Billy and Bobby, are assisting me on the showroom floor, which doubled the rest of the year as our living room.

Dig that horn. The shape is an exact replica of my shouting lips. The bulb in back is an exact replica of my -- well, let's just say, if you squeeze me now, I still honk.

For you action lovers, my road test photos...

These images tell me one of two things.

1. I'm speeding so fast you can see the g-forces vibrating me and the planet.

2. Mommy's working the camera.

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