100 Things About Me #128

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The Flab One Meets the Fab Four
The Beatles hit America and took over our minds during my sixth grade winter. "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You" arrived in a one-two punch, followed by that incredible debut appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," February, 1964.

Beatlemania was a pop culture orgasm.

That's exactly what it was, an orgasm, although I don't believe I became familiar with the term until I was much older, give or take, squeeze and giggle, pant and clutch chest.

Me like that term.

Term good!

Maybe me learn more?


Pretty please?

I'm much older next March?

I'll bring hors d'oeuvres?

Chocolate Frappuccinos?

A wide assortment of home decorator monthlies?

Hallmark cards?

I've ... got ... Binaca!

Have I mentioned I'm shy?

The Beatles changed our lives. It was the perfect time to be transitioning into adolescence.

Boldness took awhile, but most of us boys amassed the courage to comb our aching wannabe mop tops into Beatle bangs.

And hard-core shakers openly flaunted barbershops' official mandate to undergo a haircut every 10 days.

Yeah. We were rebels -- in a wondrous 11-year-old world, where the simple recitation of a phrase, "I wanna hold your gland," would guarantee everyone found you delightful gear.

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