Happy Hump Day 3

Maybe I'll be fortunate to work another round on the Atlanta crew of "Radio City Christmas Spectacular," if The Rockettes and company pass this way again. Participating in 35 official performances, plus days and nights of rehearsals at the Fox during November and December, I accumulated numerous pleasures from the show.

The top smile followed every grand finale, wherein packed crowds witnessed scores of players recreate the processional to welcome Christ into our world. "The Living Nativity" is a stirring scene, reenacted with much reverence and flair.

The instant the curtain dropped and while the audiences continued to applaud with enthusiasm, the work lights were quickly restored backstage. First order of business was to escort the donkey and multiple sheep to their nearby tent outdoors. Only after the livestock galloped away, stage left, was the human cast released to the wings and dressing rooms.

Waiting patiently, the production's biggest stars exited last, escorted by their personal entourage.

I loved to hear the handlers shout, "Camel coming through! Camel coming through!"

That tickled me so much, as it's also my favorite line from the Bible, trailed by, "See you around, Baby Jesus. We're going for hay."

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