Gifts Senior Moment Santa Forgot to Bring Me: Hulk Snorkel

I might get invited to a pool party in The Incredible Hulk's navel.

And I would need this, an authorized Hulk Snorkel.

You see and you know.

He's actually quite big.

I would be swimming and might go under and need some air. The Hulk, having an enormous belly button, lotsa water, strong currents, would necessitate a Hulk Snorkel such as this one.

Big man, good family freak, but a Hulk Snorkel might be in order, if I were to be invited to a pool party in his navel.

I'm going to walk outside and check my mailbox for an invitation.

Very large swimming area on a savage like Hulk. Big chap. Big water. Snorkel-ready, be I.

Hulk Snorkel. Large, large navel. Wide. Substantial.
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