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Saving Facebook: My Confessions: 

[Over the holidays], I was standing by in the booth to run "A Christmas Story" via the digital cinema projector at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. It was part of a live variety show involving numerous crew members taking cues over the same intercom line. My mic was off as I sat in a chair, waiting and nursing a massive, gooey head cold. Due to a fluke with my giant stomach inadvertantly engaging the audio pack button on my belt when I jostled around to sneeze, I heard four "Bless yous!"

Rodney, the sound guy, said, "And thanks for going on headsets to share."

'Twas festive.

I AM IN THE SOUTH! All's better, though. It warmed up by 35% or more to 15 degrees last night! I'm looking for my fireflies jar and flip-flops....

I found this tiny newspaper ad for the Emory Theatre, my childhood employer and oasis. It's for the 1948 run of "Three Daring Daughters" with Jeanette MacDonald, Jose Iturbi, and Jane Powell. If you've ever seen Jose Iturbi, he would have been an ugly -- but daring! -- daughter.

On Learning My Native American Name: "It's Heammawihio, meaning wise one above."
Well, that was close. I guessed Hemophilliac or Kwazy Clots.

Ad courtesy of Dennis Whitefield on Flickr
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