Big Weekend

Big weekend, battling nature.

A water pipe froze at the house during a savage cold spell.

Enter trusty hero: my Snoopy hair dryer.

Snoopy has saved us from broken pipes on several occasions by simply blowing hot air out of his nose onto the affected area. Our recent struggle, shown in these dramatic reenactments, took 40 minutes in the dark of night to turn pipe ice into flowing water. For comparison, similar frozen plumbing dilemmas have thawed in 20 minutes or less.

One contributing factor to the problem, we suspect, is a lack of wall insulation. I haven't looked inside because I am wary of the the teeming ecosystem of homesteading spiders, who are huge and mean, sporting brass knuckles and tattoos of the shrews from "The View."

The spiders also high eight me and point and giggle.

And don't get me started on their dorm mixers.

I drip the pipes with diligence throughout the winter to avoid this very situation. Nevertheless, surprises do occur, thrusting me outside into the frigid weather for long stints assisting Snoopy in his toasty magic, while worrying about area burly bears queuing up behind me for a drink and chaser from the faucet and my aorta. (Shake well before enjoying.)

That's a scenario causing me valid concern, when coupled with the nearby Lucy Van Pelt Weedwacker, telegraphing, "YOU BLOCKHEAD!" in my direction.
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