More Terribly Abnormal Bad News

First, my cat dies and the Weedwacker works and the air is let out of my chef's hat and Popeye's bye-bye and a turban's AWOL and the broccoli's cockamamie and a sex scandal looms.

Now, my car needs washing.


See this photo? That's me handling my hose.

It made me happy. It felt good.

Real good.

Really, really good.

I gave the car a shower in April. I photographed the event because it was the first cleansing I'd ever administered to the Saturn!

In nearly 15 years, I might add. I've been driving this vehicle since 1992, when I wheelied it off the showroom floor.

Let's see ... April to August is four months. Four months! That stupid car wash lasted only four months!

I tell ya. There is no value anymore.
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