A Few of Kelp's Favorite Things

Continued From: "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em," part of a thread beginning with "Remembering Professor Kelp"

In addition to fetching and catnipping, Kelp was an enthusiast of catnapping.

Entirely self-taught was the lad, although I do believe I role modeled him in the art of slipping out of bed for a tasty midnight snack to fuel the homestretch snooze 'til noon.

Kelp especially enjoyed his late afternoon sunbaths, when the rays would enter our windows with their largest, warmest pools of light.

The feline never failed to stir mid-nap, appearing bewildered and annoyed that the soothing sunspots on the carpet had orbited off of his body. He'd manage to rise and move over a foot or two inside the relocated brightness before resuming sleep.

I sensed his internal grumbles at the inconvenience and knew in my heart the cat blamed me for shifting the light. He'd give me that look of distaste, as if to sneer, "Thanks a lot, biped."

Kelp was addicted to cellophane tape. He'd come running at the sound of the adhesive material being pulled from a dispenser, jawing at it like a crocodile under meat.

Tape possessed a mysterious olfactory allure, much the same as catnip, I suppose, because Kelp was crazy for the stuff. He became such a nuisance, we were forced to discontinue sticky tape, wrapping packages instead with jam and push pins.

Kelp liked most any kind of plastic, from grocery bags to checkbook covers. He'd seek out these items and slurp, slurp, slurp them. It was a sign for me to grab the yellow slicker and rain hat.

Red tongue at morning, humans take warning. Fur ball a-coming!

Kelp's supreme gratification, besides eating and dozing, was having his chin scratched. He welcomed any massage or petting, but the underside of that handsome noggin provided the most desirable target.

He'd appear without notice and head-butt Donna or me until we obliged him. On numerous occasions, we were coaxed from deep slumbers with Kelp on the mattress, punching our shoulders with his skull.

A rigorous moment or two of kitty neck rubs and foraging for itches would satisfy him, especially if accompanied by cheery commentary from us cat whisperers.

Then, whenever Donna was unavailable, Kelp would curl up close to my side for shuteye. I was the designated space heater.

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