A Piece of Work

CHARLESTON, South Carolina -- Donna snapped this photo on her drive across the new bridge. I detoured the long way around. Vermont is lovely in July.

Roadtraffic-Technology.com said, prior to the extremely high road's construction:

"The Cooper River Bridge incorporates 2.8 miles of structures, including two interchanges, a pedestrian and bicycle pathway, as well as eight traffic lanes and the cable-stay span over the shipping channel."

Hmmm. So there are only eight traffic lanes? I was mistaken about a 10-lane bridge. Good.

That means I'm actually 20 percent less chicken than I thought. Zoloft for everyone!

There's more:
"The main span towers are founded on 10ft diameter drilled shafts surrounded by rock islands. The towers will stand 570ft above the water and the bridge will rise 186ft above the water and have the longest cable-stayed main span in North America. The bridge will measure 2.5 miles."

Not one mention of a Hardee's on top. I work up a powerful man's appetite when I'm panicked.

"Sir, would you like the 100% Angus™ beef Thickburger™? Goes great with shortness of breath and a jackrabbity headache."

"No, I've got the hives and feral drool. Better give me The Loaded Omelet Biscuit™ packed with a rich blend of poultry progeny and shredded cheddar cheese, folded into a dewy shiny breadstuff and topped with a slice of something that won't make a loud splash when I jump."

"Your total is $5.90. Crawl around."

"--Uh oh. My heart just skipped a beat and cha-cha-chaed a medley of Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66. I'm woozy and seeing monochrome and an ad for Prell. Give me the hash rounds and a Diet Sierra Mist. Medium. Can I have a kiddie meal collectible?"

I can't go onto the bridge ever and that's that.

Photo copyright 2005 Donna Durrett, all rights reserved.

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