In a Land Where Men Elongate Words -- and Their Limo

I know you're enjoying the beach vacation photographs as much as we are here in the studio, but I thought we'd take a break. The splendor of my life must be shared in small doses. (That may be why we don't have kids.)

Over at my About site this morning, I was amused more so than usual with The Funny Site of the Day. Here's a snippet of what I wrote as an introduction.
I spend the days roaming the house, talking to myself, impersonating the NBC announcer guy. I narrate my life as in a TV promo, speaking softly and STRETCHING those words. I say things like:

"In a world ... where we seem to be out of blue toilet bowl cleanser, ... a magical, misunderstood man ... embarks on his way ... through a very special ... sandwich. It's an all-new "Mike!"

Imagine ... my glee when I discovered the short comedy film, "5 Men in a Limo."

"Imagine ... five of the top voiceover artists in our country, all in one car!..."

Read More and Watch: "5 Men in a Limo"
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