Announcing: The Top One List

I've been busy on a top secret project in my underground lair. Well, it's not actually an underground lair. It's more like the fifth stool from the jukebox at the Waffle House.

I like to sit near where they scatter, smother, and cover the hash brown potatoes. I'm into violence.

That and the hot coffee give me creative energy. Plus, I gawk and smirk at the parade of bad hats coming through those doors for syrup.

My latest brainchild, sure to take the Internet by a chance of isolated storms replaced with drought and 100% humidity, is The Top One List.

I'm one lazy schmuck. Who would want to write top 10 lists when they can get away with 90% less effort?

Not me. I'm all for showing up, eating your food, and then running like the wind to a bed with "MIKE" carved by a Waffle House fork on it.

The Top One List is up and purring. New Top Ones are planned every weekday. I'm working ahead. I've got enough to publish through yesterday.

The Top One List screenshot.

Give The Top One List a visit and, perhaps, a bookmark and a coveted linkback, shan't you?

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