Charleston's New Toy

Here I am leaning against the safety rail outside the South Carolina Aquarium. That's a beautiful new vehicular suspension bridge posing behind me. Actually, there are three parallel bridges in the photograph. The two distant ones are the oldest and they are now retired.

I guess that means they'll be set up in Miami.

Charleston's atwitter about their big 10-lane bridge. It opened on the very day we arrived for our vacation. Free balloonfish for the kids.

I refuse to cross the structure. I'm going to let the bridge stand the test of time first, maybe in five years.

I don't like bridges, never have. I want nothing to do with them. I even forbade my dentist from erecting one in me. Instead, my mouth has a teensy catapult that flings food from the bicuspid over to the molar.

We tried a wee ferry, but the tide was usually out. Eventually, the boat was lost in a typhoon. That's what the dentist calls his spit sink. He's silly.

Photo copyright 2005 Donna Durrett, all rights reserved.

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