Another 10 Pickup Lines for the Elderly Swinger

"Aren't you the Sominex Girl?"
30. "I'm retaining water for two."

29. "You made a right turn into my heart. My blinker will be on for miles."

28. "Is that a banana in your pocket or do you take a potassium supplement?"

27. "You are the girl of my dreams. At least, I hope so. Could you check my pulse to make sure I'm only dozing?"

26. "I still think like a college kid. I've got surround sound and a subwoofer on my gas pains."

25. "Wanna crawl into the van and shoot up Metamucil?"

24. "I've got the grip of a blood pressure cuff."

23. "May I extend my Senior Citizen bonus?"

22. "You make me feel so young. I love the way your veins look like a tattoo and your breasts bounce next to your Ugg boots."

And the number 21 Pickup Line for the Elderly Swinger...

"If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me, if I transplanted my brain into it?"

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