Hey, Kids, Let's Put on a Show!

I arrived for my first day of rehearsals on the Atlanta engagement of the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes" at The Fabulous Fox Theatre, shown above. The venue is not quite so fab at dawn when I'm sleepy, but still more than nifty.

My work on the show's crew may be harder than I had previously thought. The production office called and said, "Bring a toothbrush and print-out a Mapquest to your final burial spot."

The hours and days and nights of set-up and rehearsing have been long, but fun. We open this evening for 35 performances, sometimes as many as four per day, over the next few weeks.

The good news is, however, if I die while toiling on "Radio City," The Rockettes will be there for "Taps."
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