Fare Thee Well, The Rockettes Need Me...

I'm off to join the circus. Well, not exactly. I'm embedding myself with the Atlanta crew of "Radio City Christmas Spectacular," which is already underway preparing the stage, sets, props, livestock, and technical marvels which will make the huge production come together for 35 performances later this month and into December.

I'm excited to be part of a show of this magnitude and I'm up to speed for my specialty number, "I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas and Lots of Fresh Newspapers Forever, Maybe Some Renuzit."

Crooning and gyrating like an orphan boy beaver, I wear protruding eyeteeth and lederhosen (not protruding, it's Christmas, people!), and elf shoes ensconced with jingle bells and elf elite's foot powder.

I am adorable.

Just in case. I'm ready with that dazzling piece of musical magic just in case. It is a show-stopper®.

Otherwise, I'll have duties behind the scenes and in the projection room during the extravaganzas, toting my throat lozenges and truss and seasonal salves, just in case. Just in case.

Okay. I'm heading out, high steppin', high kickin' sideways through our kitchen door, down the steps, and into the car. It's hard to do kicks in a Saturn, so I'll probably toe tap until I arrive sideways, up the steps, and through the Fox Theatre stage door.

"How do you do, Mademoiselles Rockettes?"
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