Just Sittin' Around Waitin' for The Rapture

And, maybe, a Pepsi. 

There's bad news / good news, depending on how you look at it, plus good news.

The bad news / good news: The world will end today.

The good news: I've got season tickets to "Hair" for tomorrow.

Did me some Twitter...

Packing wax lips, Tic Tacs, and Hula Hoop for The Rapture... Also, Trivial Pursuit: Earth Edition...

Frank, I've got your DVDs ready to mail, but waiting to go to the post office until Monday. Don't wanna waste any money on stamps, you know, in case.

Collecting the used kitty litter and driving it to the dump this afternoon. The Crapture.

I'm told the fun hits at 6 p.m. Eastern. Is that Daylight Saving Time and/or Soul Saving Time?

I'm skeered. I figure my wife goes to Heaven and I'm in Hell. The 7:15 "Pirates of the Caribbean 4." God, help me.

Worried I'll be separated from my cats. Who will take care of me? I have no grooming skills.

Best of wishes to you,

Your Pal,

At the Help Desk

P.S. Meanwhile, at Twitter...

With The Rapture coming, I'd like to close with a little song...

There R chix just ripe 4 some kissin'
& I mean 2 kiss me a few!
Then those chix don't know what they're missin',
I got a lot of living 2 do!

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