What Happy Bunny Are You?

Bug Bunny
I woke up this morning thinking of bunnies. I wrote about bunnies at my day job, too.

Oh, golly, if only I could be a bunny. That would be so swell. All day long, I wondered what kind of bunny I'd be, while munching carrot sticks and a head of lettuce. They sure were tasty. And I enjoyed being out in the sun, on the grass, under the bush.

Later, I hopped over to my computer where I found the What Happy Bunny Are You? quiz and I sniffed and fretted through all the personality questions, giving my cuddliest answers ever! I may have even wiggled my tiny nose and flopped an ear or two.

My Results:
You Smell Like Butt

Wow. Calm the f*** down. You are way too worried about crap. This is just a quiz you know. By the way, what is that smell??

That would be my bay leaf. I've been stewing. I'm a rabbit. We stew.

But I don't want to be a bunny anymore, you meany. Tomorrow, I'll look for a What Kind of Stinkbug Are You? quiz.


And I'll pout about my low mileage thumper.

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