10 More Pickup Lines for the Elderly Swinger

The Old and the Beautiful
20. "I love your toothsome grin. That's some tooth!"

19. "Pass the salt and I'll bulge."

18. "Let's grab a picnic basket and go on a long stroll out Aisle 20 in Wal-Mart."

17. "I was the first Hip-Hopper. I'm no different than 50 Cent. But adjusting for inflation, you should call me 'Penny.'"

16. "On you, hip replacements are blingage."

15. "Poligrip. Wanna cracker?"

14. "I'd follow you anywhere, if my head could see over the steering wheel."

13. "Nice walker. Wanna take a spin around the neighbor?"

12. "All I know is I'm supposed to pick up some fish."

And the number 11 Pickup Line for the Elderly Swinger...

"Say, where can a gal get a blue job?"

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