Taste Test: Kellogg's Disney-Pixar "Finding Nemo" Cereal

Stays Crunchy in Sharks!
I was truly looking forward to the sure-to-be hilarious breakfast cereal based on Disney and Pixar's "Finding Nemo." That film's fishy critters certainly do make me laugh.

On the other hand, I'm not big on seafood.

Photo: Mike inspects his box of Finding Nemo.Although promised "11 vitamins and minerals" with no mention of chum, my main concerns about munching this swimmingly attractive product were two-fold.

1. Marshmallow sushi.

2. I'd probably be smiling and giggling so much, I'd forget to come up for air!

After a quick check for errant man-eating dorsal fins, I put on my flippers and poured the milk.

The Taste Test

God, I hope that wasn't a guppy.

The Verdict

It don't taste funny.

Photos copyright ©2005 Mike Durrett. All rights reserved.

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