Double Feature Puppies: 'Breakfast at Ginger's' and 'Tucker at the Piano'

Morty at the Movies with Morty the CatMy pussycat may be letting success go to his head ever since becoming a movie star ("Morty's Excellent Day," "Scenes From a Drive-in Movie").

I've walked in several times to find Morty watching Web videos on the computer, meowing under his breath, wide-eyed with ridiculous glee. I suspect he's muttering, "Stupid dog" or "Doofus dog" or "Can I get some more mice over here?"

His latest sarcasms were directed at these, to borrow a phrase, Americanine idols.

"Breakfast at Ginger's" via YouTube

"Tucker at the Piano" via YouTube

Thanks to Anita Carter Hillman.

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