Movies in the Movies: 'Girls! Girls! Girls!'

I'm amused to spot how the movies treat movies, especially when it comes to the product placements within. For example, look at this image from Hal Wallis' "Girls! Girls! Girls!" (1962), released by Paramount Pictures.

Twice during the film, Elvis Presley and Laurel Goodwin stroll in front of a theatre in their neighborhood. Each time, the same advertisements appear in the frames.

Golly, what do you know? It's a poster for "Summer and Smoke" (1961) from producer Hal Wallis and Paramount! What are the chances of that happening?

Nothing gets between the lovebirds...

Except multiple one-sheet posters for "Blue Hawaii" (1961) from Hal Wallis and Paramount and starring Elvis Presley!

This is an example of what drives me nuts about movies. Elvis and Laurel are a new couple in Hawaii, getting to know each other. They linger at a cinema showing "Blue Hawaii." Promotional material is everywhere. Elvis went to Hawaii to make "Blue Hawaii." He was in the papers. He caused an uproar. He was on everybody's lips.

Although we don't see it, you know the couple would be standing under a huge marquee and bright lights boasting "Elvis Presley in 'Blue Hawaii,'" a box office sensation of the day, yet she not once mentions how Elvis looks exactly like Elvis.

And Elvis sings and dances regularly at the nightclub next door to the theatre. Nobody ever remarks on his stunning similarities to Elvis or refers to him as an Elvis impersonator.

Aw, c'mon!

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