Courage: 1532, 'Mommy': 2009

MARIETTA, GA -- We saw Theatre in the Square's "gripping recounting of Sir Thomas More’s moral struggle to obey his conscience," "A Man for All Seasons."

This exemplary, unwavering gentleman proved without a trace of uncertainty that I am, by comparison, "A Man for Only About an Hour or Two on Occasional August 19ths if There's a Nice Breeze and the Relative Humidity Falls Well Under 35% and There Is No Hulking Meany Burpin' Tuna Fish Fumes Into My Nose While Thumb-Twisting My Earlobes for My Lunch Money and I Remembered to Stock a Goodly Supply of Bactine and a Band-Aid With a Hello Kitty on It and the Light Is Left On So I Can See When I Come Out From Under the Covers and, First, I'll Need a Drink of Water and a Snack Pudding: Chocolate."

In Color.
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