Snap Judgement

Why in the world do stores put all of these photographs on sale? I'll be minding my business, shopping for cashew trail mix or pup tents or a festive assortment of holiday sundries for children of all ages from three to 99 (27, 51, 86 not available in CT, SD, and selected Pep Boys) and all of a sudden I'm overcome by a pictorial gallery.

I do not need a picture of these people. They are strangers. I don't know a one of them. The companions I'm with don't know 'em. The clerks and floor managers don't know 'em. I ask!

No retailer has ever put my picture on a shelf. At least, I didn't see it if they did. I'd buy a photo of me. I don't really need any, but if they'd do that, I'd buy one. I'll make the pledge.

Otherwise, I'm moving on. We own a camera for crying out loud. And it takes color...
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