Lower Prices Every Day!

Gee, I like the Quiznos, but if they promise "lower prices every day," as you can see they are, eventually -- considering the way math works -- everything in the restaurants will become absolutely FREE!

No charge!

That is so great. I'll be back then. Supersize the entire sandwich menu (on wheat, extra tomatoes, triple cheese, toasty), gimme barbecue chips AND barbecue chips AND barbecue chips, and, oh, hell, barbecue chips, and I will have nine cookies and a Diet Dew (no ice)!

Plus, a free quart of deli tuna in a kitty bag to go.

Thanks, Quiznos! Can't wait to eat free "every day!"

See ya every evening for the free dinners, too, and I'll need a couple of cases of napkins for the house.
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