100 Things About Me #153

Wonderful WINO
George Carlin appeared on ABC's "The Hollywood Palace," Dec. 10, 1966, in an episode co-hosted by Jimmy Durante and his hat. Carlin performed this sketch about radio station WINO.

Can't see the video? Try here.

I'd seek Carlin on the various TV programs of the day, where the WINO routine and several others, including Al Sleet, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman, established his fame. I remember clearly, a walking home from school ritual, reciting the comedian's act to myself.

The three-second "Wonderful WINO" jingle was as instrumental as anything else in leading me to my career in radio. It was always a kick to play the call letter jingles on the air between the shady used car dealer commercials and the moldy oldies.

During my deejay years at WFOM, Marietta, an Atlanta suburb, we'd refer to the station as "Wonderful Woofum" -- a nod to Carlin, and dripping sarcasm in the same breath.

My secret wish was to have a jingle where the singers crooned my name, but I worked for broadcasters unwilling to invest in an orchestra and chorus for Mikey. Oh, they of misguided priorities.

I did get to voice "Starts Friday at a theatre or drive-in near you" a lot, and "Free balloons for the kids!" so that was nice.

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