100 Things About Me #140

Gort & Ted's Excellent Adventure?
When word leaked out of a remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still," starring Keanu Reeves, my friend Randy said:

"Klaatu Barada Nikto, Dude!"

Yeah. I kind of dread it, also. Gort, the intergalactic robot, goes California, surfing waves, strawing Smoothies, straining Pilates, streaking highlights.

I first saw the original 1951 film on "NBC Saturday Night at the Movies" during its TV premiere, probably around 1962. The broadcast was a big deal, this story of outer space aliens come a-calling. I have vivid memories of the night the Mike sat still.

Earlier, I had made one of those periscopes with small mirrors taped into each end of a long cardboard tube. It was in my hand when the motion picture began. I found the experience to be so intense, I watched the show through the periscope to distance myself from the action.

Hey, I was a kid. I haven't done that since my wedding night.

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