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Mike Durrett at the Movies
"Mr. Bean's Holiday" (2007) -- Folks seem to love or loathe Rowan Atkinson's strange slapstick schlemiel, but how can anyone not admire a man willing to fully insert his head inside a turkey, as seen on "Mr. Bean" TV?

There are no birdy beanies to be observed in this European vacation, but enough amusing sequences and brilliance exist to make it all worthwhile. Enjoy the treat, then fully insert yourself into a brimming bathtub of warm Savory Herb Turkey Stuffing.

That's what I did. I am not a hat person.

"3:10 to Yuma" (1957) -- Preparing for the flashy Christian Bale-Russell Crowe remake, we viewed the original Glenn Ford-Van Heflin western. I liked it a lot. The underrated Cow #43 and Horse With a Hoof Pebble were never better and went on to become Columbia Pictures mogul Harry Cohn's lunch.

The film's jaw-dropping conclusion befuddles me, because it is insanely unbelievable and a letdown after all of the senseless misery the people suffer through. Kinda like Britney Spear's career.

"3:10 to Yuma" (2007) -- I nearly watched this wide, panoramic spaghetti western homage con carnage in a theatre cursed for its too narrow movie screens. A friend told me he saw their cropped presentation with the resulting title shown as ":10 to Yum."

That image would drive me crazy. I wouldn't be able to keep my mind on the picture.

:10 to yum is exactly how far I live from the nearest milkshake.
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