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Photo: Elvis Presley and Mike Durrett catch up.Internet tongues are wagging about my shocking revelation and photographic evidence, which prove Elvis Presley is alive and well and doing midnight personal appearances in a small-town Kroger store.

Frank Thompson, the noted cinema historian and fervent Hollywood star sighter, is a man who gloats mercilessly over me, gushing radiant tales of his recent brush with Slick Slavin, the uncredited Master of Ceremonies in "King Creole" (1958).

I couldn't wait to show him the snapshots of chummy me and E., the credited headliner of that film.

Frank writes:

"Wow, impressive. And he was there for, what, candy? Perhaps a prescription? I just can't believe you were lucky enough to encounter him, Elvis."

You are preaching to the choir, deacon. It was a ... very ... special ... episode.

I'd always heard Elvis is a shy gentleman, kinda quiet, and I found him to be exactly that.

He let me do most of -- well, all of -- the talking and sobbing, but I had to scamper off because there was no one in the Aisle 13 check-out line.

Otherwise, I would have requested "Moody Blue."

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