Fellini Greedy

Continued From: "A Hard Day's Patsy," part of a thread beginning with "I Lost My Heart in a Drive-In Movie"

The marketing of "The Patsy" in Italy was even stranger than the German poster implying the Jerry Lewis comedy is somehow related to The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night."

Italian film director Federico Fellini had an international hit with his semi-autobiographical drama, "8½," in 1963.

When "The Patsy" entered the country, the American advertising concepts were discarded for a new campaign effort to equate Lewis to Fellini.

"The Patsy" was retitled "Jerry 8¾." While both movies are set in show business, there is nothing whatsoever to connect them.

Man, that's some beautiful poster art. The fine detail, the cigarette.

Note the ornate font of "8¾" is apparently the same one used for "8½."

I've probably seen "The Patsy" a dozen times or more, however until I glimpsed the Italian poster, I never realized the whole thing hinges on a giant pocket watch.

All I can say is parmigianoey.

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