100 Things About Me #109

The Beach Boys
I was one year old on my first visit to the ocean and the Isle of Palms, SC, near Charleston harbor.

My early memory, as we might expect, is fuzzy. Besides, with the afternoon sun directly overhead, I would have already downed several Ovaltine shooters, plus scored a few hits on the Cream of Wheat bong.

Here I am going for a drag, stretched between my big brothers and Daddy.

It's obvious in the photograph I'm learning to get my land legs. Or maybe I'm just woozy from looking at Billy and Bobby's shirts.

I believe this particular image is a press still from my first TV series, "Babywatch." I'm Li'l Mitch Buchannon, of course.

Pamela Anderson wasn't born, so my father was the original lifeguard, Casey Jean 'C.J.' Parker. He had the gams, smokes, and cleavage for it, and that winning smile.

Then again, the picture might be from the pilot we did for "Boatnanza." I'm Little Joe Cartwright, of course. We're on the way to corral us some seahorses. It was a wetern.

Although I've returned to the Isle of Palms many times, I have no recollection of the wooden pier. My brother says it was destroyed in a hurricane, but I think he might be protecting my emotional fragility. I can see very clearly in our group snapshot, we were moments away from the approaching "War of the Worlds" attack.

I had blanked all of that, out of my mind.

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