Catnip Fever

Continued From: "Kelp Mates," part of a thread beginning with "Remembering Professor Kelp"

I was disappointed to see how few pictures we have of Professor Kelp in the younger days, due largely to my devotion to shooting home movies throughout most of his life. With dozens of hours of miscellaneous footage on shelves and in storage, it's not easy to locate specific memories.

Live and learn. Take snapshots.

Kelp wasn't up to his excited tumbling and catnip wrasslin' potential during the elderly feline phase, but his intense interest and enjoyment of the stimulant never wavered.

A few of Kelp's catnip photographs of recent years follow below. The next one was made on Christmas morning, 2006, on his 20th visit from Santa Cat with those merry stocking stuffers for sniffers.

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