Up the Creek

Our next door neighbors, across the pond and down the stream, are early-to-bed practitioners. It is not unusual for their lights to be turned off by 9 p.m.

So, when I noticed the couple's outdoor floods beaming through the trees near midnight, I knew something was amiss. A simultaneous email from them set the stage -- and clutched my chest.

A black bear had been discovered on their deck eating birdseed! Sally seemed even more delighted to inform me he was "HUGE" and heading my way!

A few minutes later, she forwarded this photo.

A few minutes later, the bear was in my driveway.

A few minutes later, I am awake until August.

A few minutes later, I'm writing concerned emails back and forth with Sally about the bear.

Whatever happened to opening a window and yelling, "HHHEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPP!?"

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Bear photo ©2007 Sally Smelcer
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