Dueling Banjos Redux

Billy Redden, The Kid From DeliveranceMy California pal, Frank, is always sharing his celebrity sightings with me -- and rubbing them in, too.

One time, he saw famous little person Billy Barty break into an impromptu song-and-dance number atop the counter in his bank.

Another, when I was visiting Los Angeles, he pointed out the back of Tori Spelling's head to me at a flea market.

He lives amongst the legends.

So, I had to write to Frank when I heard about the upcoming film festival tour from Rolling Roadshow, an outdoors project that projects movies at the locations where the pictures were made, such as "North by Northwest" at Mount Rushmore, "Goldfinger" at Fort Knox, and "A Christmas Story" in Cleveland.

Here are our emails.

Rolling Roadshow is coming through Georgia. "Deliverance" on the edge of the Chattooga River with The Kid From "Deliverance" IN PERSON!

Now, THAT'S Show Business!

Top that one, Burbank's Frank!

Stan and I are going. Would you like to be Ned Beatty?

To which Frank said:

Depends on who's going to be the demented hillbillies.

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