Hard Cold Facts

I'm 12 days into this debilitating cold I've been squiring through life and the night sweats, do-si-do.

Heads star right
All star left, full turn
Heads star right
Left allemande
Swing, twirl, square your set.

Left allemande, box the gnat
Ladies star left, box the gnat
Men star left, box the gnat
Slide through.

I may need to adjust the NyQuil.

It's puzzling to me where I picked up such a savage strain of congestive misery, although there is some sneezedar data aimed at the moppets attending the Christmas feasts, achooing the food.

You know, if that Santa Claus character can tell when they've been good or bad, why can't he alert us when the tykes are radioactive?

Not having fathered children, I can see where I've been much healthier without them, but, then again, there's no freebie flunky around to unclump the cat box.

I do have a trio of cold and flu prevention tips, wisdom several of us neighbors have swapped over the years while sharing the community toothbrush.

1. Wash hands frequently to stop the spread of germs -- besides, somebody might as well use those restroom sinks for something.

2. Wear two or more pairs of socks, but cease at seven. I really tired of people giving me gout poultices.

3. Keep to yourself.

Working at home since 1998 and not being around others, I've had far fewer illnesses and fevers. And the office romance is better.

Shhh! Here I am. Don't say anything. Maybe I won't see me. Shh!

It pays to be a recluse. And, of course, there's that not wearing pants perk.

The public, she so misunderstands me.

Square dance help: Dosado.com.
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