Dutch and Such

The reaction to my interview with the Netherlands' Web site, Planet.nl, continues to flood in from every far and wide corner of my neighborhood.

School chum Bill writes of the Dutch-to-English translation:

"Ah, those golden memories of the clown of the class and the drang get people to laughing."

The caring Frank sends his regards to the phenomenon:

"Well, I always knew you were popular with the dikes. Hey! Did I just go there? Yes, I went there!"

Frank [Witness Protection Program name] adds further comfort, citing this interview quote from apparently me: "At present I am terrible in my nopjes with the mechanical T.M.X. Elmo headstock, from Sesamstraat."

"I have said that about you so many times. At last, I'm vindicated!"

My young friend Randy, who looks up to me as a benevolent grumbling codger figure, says:


"Way cool!

"Love the translation! =P

"But when, oh when, are you going to include your World Yo-Yo Championship title in your biography!?!? The Dutch love their yo-yos ya know!"

Darn it. I forgot about the yo-yos! Perhaps I can get a follow-up interview. Or save it for Belgium.

One correction: I wasn't the world yo-yo champion. I was the Atlanta yo-yo champion and pretty handy at flinging and stringing them around.

I'm still known in these parts for my prowess. There ain't a store in miles that will let me anywhere near a tampon section.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

But... did you at least qualify for the World Championship? Wait, don't tell me. The disappointment might be too much to bear.

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