I Am Now Beloved in the Netherlands

I am happy to announce my interview, "Mike Durrett: de Humor Gids," conducted by Wouter E. Nieuwenhuis of the news portal Planet.nl, has been posted -- in Dutch!

I don't speak Dutch. I am bilingual, however, an English and Baby Talk fellow.

And -- I may have mentioned it before -- I itch fluently in seven languages.

The nice Mr. Nieuwenhuis volunteered to translate my responses into the voice of his land. I had no problem with this method, but I am undergoing a bit of culture shock not knowing how precise my words translate into another language. I mean, I can't even get the guy at McDonalds to hold the croutons on my McFlurry.

Plugging the Dutch article into AltaVista's Babel Fish translator and rendering the text back to English makes for very strange reading, but I am happy to announce I have finally found my epitaph -- and in my own words.

Sort of....

"At present I am terrible in my nopjes with the mechanical T.M.X. Elmo headstock, from Sesamstraat."

Nopjes, of course, is a licorice.

Chew on that.

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Jorge said...

We should take a trip!

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