Photo Finish

Two weeks ago, About.com engaged a professional photographer, a wardrobe consultant, a cosmetologist, and a hair stylist for a special session. After booking a time and hotel suite, they told me to travel to Atlanta and take my face with me.

I don't want to say I required much pancake makeup, but it came with a side of bacon.

The shoot went smoothly, incorporating many of my most perky poses, gut sucks, and breakdance spins.

The nudity was tastefully done and will be a sensation. I've alerted the paparazzi and I can't wait to chomp gum and weep white trash tears at Matt Lauer.

I had planned to share the photo proof sheets with you this morning, publishing them in this very space, but NO-OOOOOO! My headshots are not available.

Looks like I'm taking the day off.

Mike Returns Tomorrow!

Today's Fill-in Hottie:
Award-Winning Motion Picture Writer-Director
Randy Stewart


Anonymous said...

I like your writing.

Bacon. Ha!

Jorge said...

America's Next Top Model has some competition.

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