Re: 100 Things About Me #61 #2

Prof. Kelp is pushing 20. He has been steadfast in his refusal to learn English, or so he mocks in a patois reminiscent of Elven.

That gnawing and tom droolery he does on our flashcards is cute, yes, however I suspect he's holding out on me. It's an act. We could chatter, if only he would.

Kelp occasionally meows something that sounds like "galt."

Maybe "Who is John Galt?" I had no idea of this until I read "Atlas Shrugged."

And when he gets truly angry, he roars! It sounds like "roark!"

"Howard Rourke," maybe? I had no idea of this until I read "The Fountainhead."

I try to be objective. Sometimes I think he doesn't choose to conform.

100 Things About Me #61

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