Ain't That a Kick in the Headshot

About.com posted my new smiling face on the Humor site today. I mentioned the recent session with a photographer in "Photo Finish."

I guess this picture is fine, however the print is alarming on the pale side. Already this afternoon, my wife has emailed twice to ask how I'm feeling and if I laid out my good suit and urn.

She had the neighbors come over and hold a mirror under my nose.

The cats busied themselves by perching on my wrists. I'm sure they were checking for a pulse.

My brother is in the living room with a sofa dolly. He seems disappointed I made him bring his inheritance back.

I've color-corrected the image, as you can see here, and I do look a bit more vital and the salesmen have stopped knocking on the doors with oxygen cannisters and flexible tubing.

Nevertheless, I am disturbed. I seem to be aging. It's no secret 27 sucks.

Oh, well, chins up, Mike, and these other three, too.

The irony is my previous About.com photo was published far off into the other extreme, way too dark. I look like I'm from Kabul and made a deal on a yak.

1 comment:

Jorge said...

Might be a sign not to flaunt your good looks around.

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