100 Things About Me #42

Whatever I Was Going to Type Here, I Forgot  

I am becoming increasingly absent-minded.

On more than one occasion, I have poured orange juice onto my Cheerios and shredded wheat.

I've worn non-matching shoes in public, shocked to discover the different styles and colors.

Last night, I cleaned my teeth with my wife's toothbrush. That's something I would never do on purpose, especially now, when she's ill with what may be the worst sore throat and flu of her life.

So far, I've experienced none of her health symptoms, but I did find myself rummaging Bed Bath & Beyond for the most darling napkin rings and a spiral glitter wand.

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1 comment:

thomas said...

If you poured orange juice in your cheerios you have problems! But all of us do so your cool !

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