Pop Go the Weasels

From my email comes this announcement of refurbishment:

Email announcement.
"Come see what's new! ... Now featuring: ... Lobby, Concession Stand & Auditoriums."

Ooo! That's so novel for a movie theatre.

85 oz size.There's also free popcorn for every customer. It says right there, "85 oz size."

In weaselly movie theatre accounting, that's a medium tub of popcorn, but in real life 85 ounces makes for a huge amount of puffery!

For example, a snack pack from a convenience store routinely holds less than 3 ounces net weight of popped corn. It would take approximately 30 bags of convenience store popcorn to equal 85 ounces!

Microwave popcorn averages 3 ounces net weight per package popped! There are generally six packages of microwave popcorn inside each carton from the supermarket. You'd need to cook more than 4.5 boxes of microwave popcorn to yield 85 ounces for munching.

Enjoy the show. Take along your weight scales and giant lawn bag when you demand your full 85 ounces of popped corn per person. It's advertised.

Better yet, demand your promised 85 ounces of popcorn in kernels.

Movies are still your best entertainment!

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