Scenes From a Marriage Overheard at Christmastime

Mike: Donna, are you insane? Have you lost it?

Donna: What?

Mike: There's a wreath on our Panic Room.
Mike: I rented "The Preacher's Wife."

Donna: Oh, with Denzel and, and, and...

Mike: HitMe Houston.
TV: "On the Record With Greta Van Susteren": We're expecting an announcement from the lawyers for the Georgia dentist under arrest ... charged with the 1990 shooting death of his former lover, but has not been charged in his wife's December 4th death. ... And coming up, a warning for Scott Peterson tonight and you won't believe who it's from. ... But first, an eyewitness reveals a disturbing story about the suspect in the Kansas baby snatching. She has the photos to prove it. Plus, the first photos of the snatched baby.

Mike: This must be Greta's Christmas Show.

Donna: It must.

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