Concerning the other blog I write for About.com, the RSS feed of which appears in the column to your left under "In a Parallel Mike":

Selected by Feedster.com as an interesting Feed of the  
<br />DayHi Mike: Just a note to say that your blog is today's Feedster Feed of the Day. (''Feed of the Day'' is a service we do for Feedster users, pointing them toward a new or timely or under-appreciated or just plain unexpected RSS feed.)

Your RSS feed, with the content it links to, makes a welcome break in anybody's news surfing. You collect a lot of the best and funniest links available, while keeping your own mini-intros funny and fresh.

Hoping many click through to enjoy your sense of humor and your many resources,

Betsy Devine

Date: April 14, 2004

Feed: "About Humor"
( http://z.about.com/6/g/humor/b/index.xml for
http://humor.about.com/ )

Citation: My favorite of the many RSS feeds from About.com -- funny person Mike Durrett savors what's new and funny out there and gives you the links to get there.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I mention it here because I am a proud man and I know some people it will irritate exponentially. So cool, huh? It's a beautiful day!

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