Super Boob

Phew! It's been a long day. I spent all of it surfing the Internet for my About site, tracking down parodies, jokes, videos, and cartoons lampooning Janet Jackson's premeditated faux pas at Super Bowl XXXVIII, where Justin Timberlake ripped her clothes to reveal a publicity-seeking mammary.

Web sites are atwitter, adding Janet Jackson boob material to their pages. Here are a few of the spoofs I've collected: The Janet Jackson Teat Tape (the actual halftime show video) ... ''Michael to Janet: You're an Embarrassment to the Family'' ... Janet Jackson's Boob Cartoons ... ''John Ashcroft Detains Janet Jackson's Right Boob'' ... ''Madonna Mad About Janet Jackson's Exposed Booby'' ... Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Kilborn Janet Jackson one-liners ... ''Janet Jackson Intentionally Exposes Herself Unintentionally'' ... ''Britney-Jacko to One-Up Justin-Janet Stunt'' ... ''Broadcasting Chief: 'It Was Outrageous and Awesome''' ... ''FCC Chairman to Nail Janet Jackson'' ... Janet and Justin's Top 10 Excuses for ''Peek-a-Boobie'' ... ''The Daily Show With Jon Stewart": ''Teatgate 2004'' ... ''Janet Jackson's Breast Brings Inspiration'' ... ''Miss Jackson is Nasty (and Breast in Show'') ... ''Ashcroft Buys Blue Drape to Cover Janet Jackson's Breast'' ... ''Breast of Mass Destruction'' ... ''FCC Chief to Personally Handle Janet Jackson's Breast Issue'' ...

I would've done more, but I'm out of milk.

::::: Go: Breastgate: Janet Jackson Humor or Bust

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