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Now what do I do? Sloopy is hangin' on me. Sloopy, hang off will ya?.

Thinking about changing my name to Special Agent Johnny Utah, but I'll probably just go make a sammich....

I'm bracing for CUPCAKE WARS. I've got my Kevlar sprinkles & semi-automatic sniper pastry squirter....

Watching: ZOMBIELAND. I may require a Mommy and a platoon of Nanas....

I survived ZOMBIELAND and now I will be taking up flossing.

I almost walked out of that GREENBERG movie. Then, I noticed I was on my couch.

Things I've Learned From TV: "Box of Wine is very classy right now." But, egad, so expensive compared to Dumpster of Hooch.

I saw a box turtle enter the road. By the time I stopped the car & could get out to help him, he ran across & was gone. ... Hmmph. Steroids.

Okay, summer is here. Time to start my spring cleaning. Maybe. Yeah, maybe.

In 26 years on a computer, my writing has improved. I've changed my default font from Toothless Goon Oblique to Arial Boob.

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