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I'm reminded I once said of my broadcasting career: "I am to radio what caulk is to proctology." ... *sigh* ... I was bragging.
In the news: "Mel Gibson's drunk driving convictions erased." Next, MAVERICK.
I'm not sleeping well. To make matters worse, my nightmares are interrupted by ads for THE BEST OF GIOVANNI - 3 Volume Set - Available Now!!
I regret I never mastered roller skates and the piano. I'd be crooning XANADU in some cocktail lounge now and doing wheelies on the barkeep.
The produce at Walmart was horrible. It looked like an Edward Gorey painting.
In the news: "Elizabeth Taylor Announces Heart Surgery" and movie sequel, LASSIE COME CARDIOPULMONARY BYPASS.
Sad to see Saturn cars going out of business. Maybe we can get another 17 years out of each of our Saturns.
Saw: LILI (1953) & its marionettish puppets! Ugh. Now I'll be compelled to walk around like that for days, getting tangled in the curtains..
Still waiting for the return of the swami hat. I've purchased a bicycle pump to fluff mine up and everything.
...Flared pants came back. Why not forehead jewels?
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